Your Defense Firm Matters

All criminal defense firms are not created equal. While at their most basic levels all defense firms serve the same purpose—to preserve the rights of their clients—there are key attributes that set an excellent firm apart from the rest.

More Than a Verdict     
When you think of a defense lawyer, the first thing that comes to mind is likely a not guilty verdict. While a favorable verdict for a client is certainly desirable, one of the key responsibilities and goals of a defense attorney is to ensure a fair trial. Defendants are innocent until proven guilty, and it is the responsibility of the defense lawyer to navigate aspects of the legal system that can be overwhelming for clients to ensure the case is judged fairly.

Handling the Details
A criminal trial involves many tasks including reviewing evidence and testimony, preparing witnesses, and filing necessary documents that may go uncompleted if an individual chooses to represent his or herself. In these instances a defense attorney can coordinate all necessary witnesses, file appropriate paperwork, and review all associated evidence, discussing the meaningful pieces with the client. Defense attorneys provide clients with a sense of clarity regarding their trial and can understand and address client concerns effectively.

Offering Experience
One of the greatest assets criminal defense firms offer their clients is extensive experience in the legal arena. For a defense attorney, years of trial experience can offer clients a deeper understanding of proceedings, as well as ease concerns regarding a trial. While a trial may be your first experience with the justice system, defense attorneys have built their careers around understanding legal workings. The wealth of knowledge defense counselors offer their clients can provide for a more smooth trial and avoid any missteps that could occur as a result of inexperience.

Finding the Right Firm
Choosing a defense firm is not a decision you should take lightly. It is absolutely essential that you do your homework and find a firm that meets your expectations for representation. If you have been charged with a crime, the circumstances can be very overwhelming, but it is important to take steps to preserve your rights and ensure a fair trial.

Should you require the services of a criminal defense lawyer, it is very important to remember that the success of your counsel can depend heavily on your level of honesty with your attorney. You should be comfortable speaking with your attorney to ensure adequate representation. To learn more about the criminal defense services and free consultation available at the Law Office of Jay A. Perry, please contact us.

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