Successful DUI Defense

Successful DUI defense requires more than a competitive attitude and thick-skinned nature.

With mandatory fines, probationary periods and a maximum of 11 months and 29 days in jail at stake – for first-time offenders alone – it quickly becomes evident that DUI defense requires the skill of a knowledgeable DUI attorney who not only understands the Tennessee DUI laws, but who can also educate you on your personal rights and develop a legal strategy to facilitate a more favorable outcome for your court case.

If you’re recently been charged with your first DUI, or are facing a second, third or even fourth offense, please contact the Law Office of Jay A. Perry for your DUI defense. We will take the time to understand the details surrounding your case and will work with you to determine which defense works best in your particular situation.

Whether it’s highlighting illegal police actions, underscoring failure to follow standard protocol or discussing another opportunity that will help to lessen your punishment, we will work with the justice system to arrive at a fair outcome.

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