Criminal Defense & Landlord Representation

The Law Office of Jay Perry is a Chattanooga-based law firm that focuses on defending those accused of criminal offenses. No case is too big or too small. Our office has handled hundreds of cases including full jury trials for both misdemeanor and felony charges including up to first degree murder. However, anyone charged with a crime needs solid experienced representation. Any criminal conviction can have lifelong consequences. We handle many cases where young people, including college students, are charged with drug/alcohol crimes including DUI and drinking under age. Our attorney IS experienced in representing all clients through all stages of a criminal case, from pre-trial negotiations through courtroom hearings and if necessary a trial.

We understand the seriousness of any criminal charge and provide superior service to help you through what is for everyone a difficult situation. We will treat you as a person first and not merely the "accused". We will return your phone calls and ensure that you always know what is going on with your case. Please contact us today for a FREE consultation.